Fabric Combines All Twitter’s Developer Techs In One Platform

Fabric Combines All Twitter’s Developer Techs In One Platform

Twitter announced a lot of new mobile developer technologies at its TwitterFlight developer conference in San Francisco today. The biggest deal? Fabric, which combines crash analytics, Twitter embedding, mobile advertising and single sign-in via your mobile phone number.

Fabric is a series of integrated software development kits (SDK) which joins together various tools Twitter has developed in-house or acquired. It can be incorporated into a variety of IDEs, including Xcode, Eclipse, Android Studio and IntelliJ.

Crashlytics tracks crashes and code issues, and includes an analytics platform (Answers) to identify common issues and a distribution platform (Beta) to help with app testing. Having previously had some features limited to paying enterprise users, Twitter is now making it entirely free. It has also been updated to incorporate support for the Android Native Development Kit (NDK).

Digits is a new platform which allows users to sign into an app using their mobile phone number, rather than requiring them to set up their own login or use an existing social network account. (Twitter bears the cost of sending and receiving the messages, and says the platform will work in 216 countries, including Australia.) It forms part of a broader Twitter integration kit, which greatly simplifies the code needed to integrate Tweets or Tweet composition into an app. The Fabric SDK also includes the MoPub mobile app advertising platform, which allows embedding of paid advertising into free apps.

Fabric will initially be limited to attendees at TwitterFlight, but Twitter says it will roll out more broadly within “weeks”.

Introducing Fabric [Twitter Developer Blog]

Disclosure: Angus Kidman travlled to San Francisco as a guest of Twitter.


  • Developing for twitter seems kind of dumb these days… If you get popular, you are rewarded by having your API key locked out from making too many requests and essentially having to cease operation..

    So the reward of success is failure..

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