Drafts 4 Adds A New Interface, Specialty Keys, Share Sheets And More

Drafts 4 Adds a New Interface, Specialty Keys, Share Sheets, and More

iOS: Drafts has long been our favourite app for mobile writing. Today, a new version completely overhauls the app with a bunch of new features.

Like the previous versions of Drafts, the app is all about quickly capturing your notes. This time around, nothing is different in that respect, but there are so many new features under the hood it's hard to list them all. You can still use Drafts to quickly take a note, then send it to any other app or service you want. Now, you can do that through share extensions or through Actions. With Actions, you can send a note to multiple services at once or in a chain across multiple sites. Actions are a lot easier to build with the new Action Builder too, so you don't need to be technically adept to create new actions. Now, you can also use Javascript to manipulate that text, Markdown to write it and more.

Also new in Drafts 4 is an arrange feature that allows you to move paragraphs around easily, multiple font support, a fully customisable keyboard row and version histories. Drafts 4 is also now a universal app, so you only have to buy it once for your iPad or iPhone. If you're already a Drafts user, you'll have to pay for the upgrade, but the iOS 8 specific features are worth it.

Drafts 4 ($6.49) [iTunes App Store]


    Looks good, but what I'd really love is a keyboard optimised for the job: maybe a Dvorak keyboard would do it, but are there others than the 'slow you down' qwerty?

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