Determine Your Relationship Chemistry With This Dating Infographic

In today's dating world, it can be notoriously difficult to work out where you stand in a new relationship. Is it serious or casual? Open or exclusive? Fleeting or ever-lasting? Even if you work out what your own feelings are, there's no guarantee your new partner will feel the same way. The simple solution is to just ask them — or you could use this "relationship status" infographic to avoid sounding clingy.

Awkward relationship picture from Shutterstock

The below infographic is the brain-work of online dating service We Love To Date. Follow the steps to determine whether the person you're seeing is your significant other, a casual hook-up or a complicated mash-up of both.

[Via We Love To Date]


    Love how they have a conclusion for people who are married. I only noticed this because i"m married and ended up there. lol

      Im married too but didnt have a state licenced party to proclaim my love. Did you?

        Isn't a celebrant a state licensed party?

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