D-Vasive Notifies You When Your Phone's Camera Or Mic Are In Use

Android: Your desktop's webcam probably has a handy indicator to tell you when it's on. Your phone does not. If you're concerned about certain apps using your camera or microphone when you're not aware of it, D-Vasive attempts to help keep you aware.

The app will put a notification in your shade whenever one of the sensors you're monitoring becomes active. You can then tap that notification and dive into the log files to find out which app is the culprit. The free version only allows you to monitor your sensors, but the paid version ($5) allows you to block access as well.

D-Vasive [Google Play Store via Ghacks]


    Your desktop’s webcam probably has a handy indicator to tell you when it’s on.

    One of my few big problems with Microsoft's Surface line is that they don't have an activity indicator light on the front/back cameras. My phone camera is either in my pocket, in it's cover or laying on it's back facing the roof above it's charger. My Surface Pro's camera however is pointed right at me a lot of the time. I'm actually tempted to put some tape over it or something since I never use the thing.

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