Briefly: Cheap KFC, Ultra HD Gaming, Moving Art

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: KFC brings back the "12 For $12" promotion, 4K gaming on Ultra HD TVs, get up to 65% off OzSale purchases.

  • Here's some good news for chicken fans: KFC has resurrected its "12 For $12" combo deal. The deal comes with six original recipe and six crispy strips, plus two dipping sauces. Available on Tuesday only.
  • OzSale is offering up to 65 per cent off online purchases when customers use specific discount codes. You can get the codes here and here. The catch is that you need to register with Ozsale to see the deals on offer.
  • The main problem with Ultra HD TVs is the lack of readily available content. According to Gizmodo, the technology may have just found its "killer app". The answer is PC gaming at 4K.
  • Reglar picture frames are for philistines. A true art connoisseur displays images in frames that follow you around.


    "Reglar pictire frames are for philistines".

    As is regular spelling …

    C'mon, it's funny!

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