Briefly: ACCC Versus Coles, Charisma Hacks, World’s Smallest Hearing Aid

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: ACCC takes Coles to court (again), 14 habits of exceptionally likeable people, "invisible" hearing aid.

  • What makes a someone likeable? Here are 14 habits that charismatic and widely loved people tend to share. It could be your key to a “million-dollar personality”.
  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court against Coles for engaging in unconscionable conduct in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law. “The ACCC alleges that Coles took advantage of its superior bargaining position by demanding money from suppliers that it was not lawfully entitled to, and was, in all the circumstances, unconscionable,” the ACCC said in a statement. Click here for the full story.
  • Do you find yourself waiting for ages to get served at bars? You're probably doing something to annoy your bartender. Here's a checklist from Business Insider of behaviour you should be avoiding.
  • The Oticon wireless IIC (Invisible-In-the-Canal) is the world's smallest in-ear hearing aid and it's now available in Australia. The left and right hearing instruments communicate wirelessly with each other to maximise the brain’s ability to produce a balanced and coordinated "sound picture". Click here to see a video of it in action.


    Why link to a separat article on getting served at the bar when LH already covered it?

    Google much?

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