Break Through A Productivity Wall By Cleaning Your Work Space

Break Through a Productivity Wall by Cleaning Your Work Space

If you're having a hard to time breaking through a productivity barrier, taking a few minutes to clean your work space can help clear your mind and rid yourself of distractions.

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There's nothing wrong with having a messy desk — it's often a sign of creativity — but sometimes having too much clutter in your work area can pull away your focus. Peter Economy at the blog Inc. recommends making some time to tidy up:

Take time out to clean and organise your desk and perhaps redecorate. Sometimes all the clutter, the really dirty keyboard, and dust can be a distraction. It's amazing how cleaning your desk and making it an organised, beautiful place to work again can boost your productivity. Consider a new chair or adding some plants or a fish in a small bowl.

With a clean work area the only thing left for you to focus on is your work. While you're at it, have a glass of water, take a walk, and when you get back, you'll be ready to jump back into your productive stretch.

15 Exceptional Ways to Kick Your Productivity Way Up [Inc.]


    Any recommendations for desk plants?

    Coincidentally cleaning my desk is my favourite procrastination tool.

      Same! Procrasta-cleaning works everytime! Followed closly by procrasta-washing, procrasta-filing, procrasta-cooking.... etc etc

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