Boil Eggs With A Tea Towel To Keep Them From Cracking In The Pot

Boil Eggs With A Tea Towel To Keep Them From Cracking In The Pot

Boiling a bunch of eggs at once can be tricky. To keep the eggs from bumping into each other and cracking prematurely, all you need is a tea towel.

Made from Pinterest offers this tip (gleaned from the writer’s mother-in-law):

The towel acts as a cushion for the eggs so when the water boils the eggs don’t jostle and knock against each other and get cracks. You can do a lot of eggs in a large pot this way if you lay the towel in between layers of eggs. I like this when I am making a lot of eggs for Easter. I can do a large batch, and they come out perfect for dyeing.

Fold the towel over the eggs, fill the pot with water, and proceed as usual. No more egg disasters.

You can also bake a large batch of eggs in the oven, perhaps with a moist towel, but boiled eggs are easier to peel.

No Cracks, Easy Peel, Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs [Made from Pinterest]


  • alternatively, just run the eggs under hot water for a few mins before you gently place them in… The rapid change of temp wont crack the shells.

    • Yes, it’s usually the change in temperature, not bumping into each other, that causes cracks.

      I put them in about 1cm of water with the gas on, then boil the kettle. By the time you add the boiling water, your eggs won’t crack.

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