ALDI Mobile Is Slightly Increasing Its Data Allowances

ALDI Mobile Is Slightly Increasing Its Data Allowances

The history of ALDI Mobile has been one in which data allowances for customers have been steadily reduced. So we’re somewhat surprised to learn that some plans are actually going to become a tiny bit more generous from November.

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Back in March, ALDI Mobile cut the data allowance on its $30 and $35 plan from 2.5GB to 1GB. It had previously slashed the allowance from 5GB to 2.5GB.

Next month, the allowance on the $30 plan will go up to 1.25GB, while the $35 plan will receive 2GB. The $20 plan goes up marginally from 300MB to 400MB. ALDI Mobile users will also be able to make free calls to other ALDI Mobile customers. All other aspects of the plans remain unchanged. A new 30 day 1.5GB “data only” pack is also being introduced for $16.50

The changes are scheduled to kick in on 3 November, though the email sent to customers announcing the changes is a little weasel-like, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the dates shift. The site detailing the alterations is also vague enough that it’s possible the cost of the plans will go up at the same time the allowances change. With ALDI Mobile, anything seems possible.

Despite the changes, our frank advice is to avoid ALDI Mobile. There are more generous data allowances elsewhere, and what’s on offer now is still a fraction of what the company offered when it launched. That’s not a healthy pattern. Thanks Mandy for the tip!

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  • The fact that ALDI mobile keeps changing its offering is the main reason why you’d want to avoid them in the first place. Who wants to be changing carriers every couple of months because ALDI cant decide what they want to offer their customers as a part of their services? Not me.

    • Likewise, classic bait and switch here.
      Here is 5Gb, no wait its 2.5Gb, no no no its 1Gb…. Yeah, you still give us $30 anyway

      They offered what they knew was unsustainable in hopes of getting as many people as possible to switch knowing full well that they will reduce the data cap in the future. Once someone has moved, the chances of them leaving are fairly small.

  • Isn’t each session counted per MB? Not KB? So really doesn’t make much of a difference. Might as well have like a 100mb plan from someone else that is billed per KB.

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