Wyliodrin Programs The Raspberry Pi With A Drag-And-Drop Interface

If you prefer a visual coding interface rather than a text-based one, or you’re just getting started learning to code on the Raspberry Pi, you might want to try Wyliodrin, a free visual coding platform that runs in your browser. Wyliodrin looks and works quite like Scratch, highly recommended for both kids and beginner programmers. You drag and drop blocks to form your code.

Wyliodrin connects to your Raspberry Pi, as well as the Intel Galileo (other boards coming soon), wirelessly — you download code to an SD card for the Pi. Then you can create programs that send signals, sense motion or light, connect with social accounts and more.

You can also see your code displayed in Python or JavaScript beside the drag-and-drop blocks, or start a non-visual project using any of a number of programming languages, including C, Java and PHP.

The free account connects to one board (one Raspberry Pi) and allows for three projects. Developer and other pro accounts are available with more options starting at $US3.90 a month.

Give it a go and let us know what you think.

Wyliodrin via Raspberry Pod

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