What Weird Things Do You And Your Partner Always Argue About?

Sure, many couples fight about the big things — money, child-rearing and what kind of car to buy — but it's the little things we argue about that can be more irritating. What do you and your significant other bicker about?

BuzzFeed's video above highlights many of the common ones (the actors in the video are actually married in real life), but we're asking you: What do you and your significant other bicker about? More importantly, how do you solve those arguments or at least come to a truce (even if temporary)?


    We don't tend to seriously fight very often, and when we do it's usually about money (he's a spender, I'm a saver, ugh). We do play-argue a bit though, things like 'who stacks the dishwasher in the most efficient manner' (me), or 'who makes the best chocolate milkshake' (him). Or when he tries to catch me out in spelling complicated words and accuses me of 'making them up'. All in good fun.

    We don't argue about them, but the silliest things we bicker / play-fight / passionately-believe-we're-right about are:
    - Whether pegs should stay on or off the line between laundry cycles
    - Whether dishes need to be rinsed and/or dried after washing
    - Whether jam, chocolate or tomatoes go in the fridge or not

    We're on the same page about the bigger things, so we mainly laugh about these. Except the pegs. Seriously, it is so much easier if the pegs are already on the line when you go to hang something up! And our peg basket is overflowing so it's super annoying to bring them all in!

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