Use A Raspberry Pi To Add Wireless To Your Printer

Use A Raspberry Pi To Add Wireless To Your Printer

Today’s turning into a DIY Raspberry Pi day, though you can never have enough projects to use with it. If you want to try something more productivity-inducing, here’s a guide for transforming your USB-bound printer into a wireless one.

Image by / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

The tutorial assumes you understand the basics of setting up and using a Raspberry Pi and you’ll need a few extra bits and pieces to get it up and running, including a power supply, SD card and USB Wi-Fi dongle. You’ll also want to make sure your printer supports the Common Unix Printing System, or CUPS, otherwise results might not be as expected.

You’ll need to install the CUPS Linux driver onto the Pi and access its configuration page via a browser to activate sharing. After that, it should be available to any system with wireless connectivity.

For specific steps and the required terminal commands, hit up the full tutorial over at Instructables.

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