Use A Broken Metal Fork As A Quick Door Lock

The next time you're travelling and need an easy and portable door lock, try using a broken metal fork.

Of course, most places you'll stay already have a lock. But if you're staying at a friends or at a bed and breakfast, you may find your door doesn't have one (the last Airbnb I stayed at didn't, for example).

This lock only works when you're in the room and won't prevent a forced entry, but it's helpful to prevent accidental unwanted guests while you're in your room. Check out the video to see it in action.

Dinner Fork Door Lock [YouTube]


    Hahaha. Sure. Cos my hotel room doesn't have a lock on the door, but I'm travelling with a VICE! :P

      Don't forget to pack your hammer and hacksaw.

        I just assumed that everyone travelled with those already?

    Can this be adapted to work on a microwave latch? I'm tired of having my bread stolen.

    Handy for all the teenage boys out there trying to rub one out in privacy.

    seems like a lot of work just to stop people having a peek at my man bits...........

    errr i'm sure with some pressure the fork will giveway.

    Could have just used the lock that was on the door........

    Is this guy in any way related to Christopher Walken?

    How about a lock solution for a door in a public restroom....

    Cling wrap would be cheaper, easier and more secure.

    Sure, a bench clamp, a hammer and a hack saw. Just the things I always put in my suitcase in case I need to modify a fork for a lock.... :)

    Buy a door wedge? or slip a chair under the door handle.

      Or instead of hacking the fork, use the fork as a door wedge.

    Wow you'd get bad Air BnB feedback for drawing on someones door frame, breaking their fork, and using their tools to build the stupid thing :p.

    If I am going to travel with a fork, vice, hacksaw & a hammer I may as well just pack a bolt lock, screws and a screwdriver.

    Try explaining that broken, bent fork to security at the airport.

    Also Uri Geller is never around when you need him.

    $10 and is actually designed for this purpose.

      That is a much better solution

        And they really work well too! Can't go wrong with Australian Made ;)

    hacksaws and vices a always readily available in the hotel lobby !

    Macguyver would do the same with a paper clip and a match

    "Prongs"? The word is "tines".

    Many thanks from a student stuck in a boarding house without locks!
    FYI didn't use a hacksaw or vice, just used leverage from draws in my room.

    Nifty! I tried this in my dorm; someone had broken into one of my lockers. I used the fork lock for few days before the carpenter turned up. Thanks.

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