Toshiba's Chromebook 2 Has A Bad Case Of Australia Tax

Toshiba has launched a new model Chromebook. It looks impressive and keeps the 13.3 inch screen seen on Toshiba's earlier model, but the Australian release is somewhat overpriced.

The Australian price for the Chromebook 2 is $449; the US price is $US330. Even after conversion and adding the GST, a price closer to $399 would seem indicated. It goes on sale locally in October.


    Dick Smith & JB HiFi have them for $398-399. The $449 is for Australia Tax rants only

      Just because there are retailers selling at a discount it is still a case of Australia Tax. OP has compared the RRP between US and AU - there is also retailers in US selling under the quoted US price.

      Fact is that Australians are being ripped off in tech. FULLSTOP.

      Note that is the older Toshiba Chromebook.

      The Haswell processor in the older one is better but the screen is worse. The new one also has 4GB of RAM.

      JB HiFi do not currently list the new one (it isn't out?).

      Ditto for DSE,

    Jesus, Macbook Air copy much?

      It looks like that from this angle, but from the side or top it looks like a plastic laptop with rounded edges.

    The links in this article both point to the same address, though the first one should probably point to something about the new Chromebook.

    Otherwise, a good heads-up on Aust pricing.

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