Tigerair Now Allows Gadgets, But Has Tougher Rules

Tigerair Now Allows Gadgets, But Has Tougher Rules

Low-cost carrier Tigerair Australia has joined Qantas and Virgin in allowing passengers to use gadgets in flight mode during take-off and landing. In typical Tigerair fashion, however, the rules are a little tougher on passengers.

Tigerair announced this morning that it has received approval for passengers to use mobile phones, ebook readers, music players and handheld gaming devices during take-off and landing on domestic flights. The basic requirements are the same as for Qantas and Virgin: the device must weigh less than 1 kilogram, be able to be held in one hand (so laptops are out during this time), and be in flight mode. You also have to pay attention during onboard announcements.

The one option where Tigerair is a little stricter? You can’t use your devices when walking across the tarmac to your plane. That rule isn’t being enforced by Virgin or Qantas anymore.

Tigerair also recently began cracking down on passengers who exceed carry-on limits, so select your gadgets carefully. No word yet on when Jetstar will join the party, but we imagine it can’t be far away. (Like Tigerair, it also recently got narky about luggage limits.)


  • I flew jetstar to/from Gold Coast earlier this week. They told us we can use gadgets. Phones on tarmac were allowed too.

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