This Map Shows The Power Adaptors You Need For Different Countries

This Map Shows What Power Adapters You Need for a Ton of Countries

If you plan on travelling internationally, be sure you have everything you need to charge up your devices. This map shows what sockets are common in each country of the world and the plugs you'll need there.

The map, from, even shows which countries may have multiple types. Keep it handy as a reference and you'll be able to guarantee all of your global travels are powered. For additional information regarding power outlet types around the globe, check out the link below.

World Map for Power Plug Types [Easysmart]


    Seriously, this advergraphic is wrong. China is coloured dark blue when it should be light blue. The Icon next to the "China Plug" is upside down. And China/AU are 99% compatible differing only by tolerances and plug orientation.

    How hard is it to lookup Wikipedia?

    Last edited 14/09/14 10:24 am

    In Peru we have compound or "universal" sockets that accept both US (without ground) and EU. Therefore, I think it should be striped as Brazil, and not only light green.
    So, if you come from Europe, you won't need an adaptor (unless you come from Italy, UK or Denmark).
    Reference picture:

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