This Illustrated Guide Shows You How To Properly Perform A J-Turn

This Illustrated Guide Shows You How To Properly Perform A J-Turn

If you haven’t heard of a J-turn, you’ve at least seen one in TV shows or movies. A J-turn is when the driver pulls away from something in reverse, swings the car around, and then drives forward in the same direction. This guide explains how to do it.

The situations in which you might need to make a J-turn are at best described as "minimal". Keeping in mind that, in most situations, this type of manoeuvre is probably dangerous if there are any other cars nearby. This isn't for getting out of the carpark. However, the move is part of a larger tactical driving course for those who deal in security or atypical/emergency driving situations and need to be prepared. Always use caution and, if you have to learn techniques like this, practise in a safe, enclosed environment.

How to Perform a J-Turn: An Illustrated Guide [The Art of Manliness]


  • Also called a front end throw.
    Well known and used in car rallying since the 1960’s so it is not new.
    Using the foot brake can make it even faster with a smaller turning circle but ABS might eliminate this method in some vehicles.

  • Why do I feel the intense desire to Print this up and put it in my Man cave/Garage?

    Actually had the chance to pull one of these off once (On a private skid pad). hard to do but great when you pull it off. REEEEEALLLY bad for the transmission and diff though.

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