This Chart Demystifies Which Cooking Oils Are Best For What

You have a lot of options when it comes to cooking oils. Some are better at certain temperatures, others are best with certain types of food. The folks over at MyFitnessPal have created a chart that helps you pick which oils are best for what kind of cooking you want to do.

MyFitnessPal's chart goes through the best oils to use for different types of cooking, then details what types of cooking uses they're best for and some extra nutritional information. For example, avocado oil is great for searing meat and has a good amount of vitamin E, and sesame oil is best for low-heat stir fry, but it doesn't have much in the way of vitamins. As we've pointed out before, you should have a lot of different oils in your kitchen, so this chart helps you use them right.

This Chart Demystifies Which Cooking Oils Are Best for What

Cooking Oils Decoded [MyFitnessPal]


    Can we get a local to update with oils commonly used in Australia? Would be good to cover macadamia and rice bran oils.

    Last edited 01/09/14 12:47 pm

      Apart from those two, they have pretty much covered all the oils I use

      Not a local update, but this chart contains the two above that you have mentioned and a couple other ones.
      The focus is on healthfulness and temperature-sensitivity, as explained in the blog post. Follow the link to for the PDF.

    Really, what about chia oil and mustard oil and the food grade mineral oils used in prepared foods?

    What a crock! Animals fats are supremely healthy, otherwise humans would have died out thousands of years ago. And not a mention of them here. Pathetic. Follow the money :(

      Agree whole heartedly.
      People should get a copy of Voltage is Healing (Dr. Jerry Tennant)and find the truth about Bad Fats.

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