The Simple Text Desktop

The Simple Text Desktop

We've highlighted some of Okubax's desktops before. This time around, some tools in the centre and around the outside and a solid wallpaper make for a simple but elegant desktop. Here's how he set it all up.

Okubax's desktop shares a lot in common with the previous Clear Skies desktop, but with a bit more laser focus — and the fact that Okubax is running Arch Linux, as opposed to Ami's Ubuntu. If you want your Linux system to look like this, whatever distro you're running, here's what you'll need:

That's all there is to this one. It's simple, but the custom Conky config will help you with the centre config, which includes the centre clock and weather layout. If you have questions or just want to tell Ami how much you like the desktop, head over to the Flickr page linked below to sing your praises and ask your questions.

ArchLinux with Conky [Flickr]


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