The Proper Way To Slice And Portion Different Types Of Cheese

The Proper Way To Slice And Portion Different Types Of Cheese

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it properly. Whether it’s for a party platter, a light snack, or as a luscious wine companion, this handy chart shows how to properly slice a bunch of different types of cheese.

If you’re on your own and anything like me, you just grab a hunk of cheese it as fast you can and eat it. For more formal settings, however, it’s nice to arrange things in a way that is both visually appealing and allows for maximum flavour.

This chart, posted by redditor HotLips4077 from an unknown magazine, covers all varieties and shapes of cheese. Now you can show how sophisticated you are at your next party.

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  • I am a bit surprised. Cheese oxidises quickly based on surface area, so I would have thought that a cheese like tasty would be best cut into thin slices, or with corrugates (eg. Like potato chips as this gives a slightly larger surface area).
    I’m no cheese connoisseur, so I expect I’m missing something. None of the cheeses in this infographic were even remotely thin.

    • I think all the infographic is trying to show is the best way to slice the cheese without any mindfulness of flavour.

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