The Fiery Sunset Desktop

The Fiery Sunset Desktop

We’ve featured desktops from Flickr user xhuxhaxhu here before — this one stood out to us with its bright orange and dark black, open space, and just a few useful on-screen widgets to keep her informed. Here’s how she set it up.

xhuxhaxhu’s desktop is striking, but it’s not horribly distracting. Best of all, it didn’t take much to set up. Here’s what she used to create it on her Windows machine:

  • The wallpaper
  • The Rainmeter system tweaking and monitoring tool for Windows
  • The Enigma skin for Rainmeter to create the launcher (hidden above)
  • The Alli Anew skin for Rainmeter to create the clock, weather and RSS display above

That’s all there is to this one. It’s not horribly complicated, and it looks great — you can customise the weather by location and the RSS feed to highlight to your choice, of course. If you have trouble getting your setup to look just so, or want to know more about how xhuxhaxhu modified the skins to work this way, just head on over to the Flickr link below to ask your questions or sing your praises.

Sundown [Flickr]


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