The Best Way To Store Leftover Pizza In The Fridge

The Best Way To Store Leftover Pizza In The Fridge

Pizza is the king of foods for many reasons, but the fact that leftovers are almost guaranteed is one of the best. For retaining optimum quality — and taking up as little space as possible — use this method.

Jeremy Anderberg at The Art of Manliness notes that most of us — myself included — just throw the entire pizza box into the fridge with whatever is left inside. Instead, Anderberg suggests grabbing a plate and stacking the pizza slices one on top of another. In between each piece, place a paper towel, and when it’s all stacked up, cover it in plastic wrap.

This will ensure the pizza stays fresh and is on its best behaviour when it comes time to reheat it..

The Best Way to Reheat Pizza [The Art of Manliness]


  • They left out the best way ever to reheat pizza!!!!
    5. Sandwich press: Place your pizza in a sandwich press with some baking paper below and above. The pizza will come out with an extra crispy crust and perfectly warmed. I actually think that when I heat my pizza this way, it actually tastes better than when it is fresh from the pizza place!

    • My approach is similar, a quick nuke in the microwave to get it warm then the rest in the sandwich press.
      I agree the crust comes out beautifully when you do this.

      • x2 on this, better than from the pizza place (especially if you’re eating cheapo like dominos or pizza hut). Nuke, then chuck on the sandwich press, and use the lock to keep the top just above the cheese, not pressing down on it / squishing it.

    • I love leftover pizza. Actually, I just love any pizza. I haven’t heard of this reheating method but will try it next time as it sounds great.

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