Taste Test: The World's First 'Coffee-Wine' In A Can [Video]

The Coffee-Wine collection is a new range of canned alcoholic beverages from French/US winery Friends Fun Wine. As the name implies, they are made from a 50/50 mix of wine and coffee. For red lovers, there's the Cabernet Coffee Espresso, which blends Cabernet grapes with espresso and chocolate notes. For fans of white wine, there's the Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino which fuses Chardonnay grapes with vanilla cappuccino coffee. Can these bizarre flavour combinations possibly work together? Watch our taste-test video to find out! (There may be retching.)

Friends Fun Wine's Coffee-Wine range is being billed as an attempt to combine the world’s most popular day drink with the world’s most popular night drink — in a can. Each 250ml can contains six per cent alcohol. In addition to the wine grapes and coffee essence, the ingredients includes sugar, water, "juice", citric acid and carbon dioxide.

As you can see from the above video, opinion was decidedly mixed as to whether wine and coffee make compatible bedfellows. Verdicts ranged from "heinous" and "horrible" to "peachy" and "drinkable". To be honest, the taste is almost irrelevant: we're pretty sure this stuff is going to be a hit at parties in the months to come — if only for the novelty factor.

The Coffee-Wine collection is expected to drop in Australia in the coming weeks with prices estimated at around $4 a pop.


    So Vodka/Redbull being banned and criticised for the effects of alcohol and a stimulant combined. How is this different bar targeting a snobbier demographic ??? Up will go the rates of glassings and headbutts at croquette tournaments ! ;-)

      They have competitions for the best crumbed food roll? Awesome!

    A bunch of marketers, sitting around a table brainstorming, could only manage to come up with 'Friends Fun Wine'?

      Their other choice was "Crap In A Can", but even those with an IQ as low as marketing people knew that was a hard sell. BTW, what's lower than a marketeer's IQ? His morals.

    Why would you go for something this risky when the 'irish cofee in a can' market is still untapped?

    Sweet + Bitter = works
    Sweet + Sour = works
    Sour + Bitter = usually doesn't work!

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