Sit Next To A Window At Work For Better Sleep At Night

Sit Next to a Window at Work for Better Sleep at Night

Lack of sunlight could be harming your sleep cycle. A study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine shows a difference between the amount of sleep of window side and windowless workers.

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The researchers studied two self-reported groups of people. One group didn't sit next to windows during the workweek and the other group did. The results are as follows:

Compared to the group without windows, workers with windows at the workplace had more light exposure during the workweek, a trend toward more physical activity, and longer sleep duration as measured by actigraphy.

The study only uses a small sample of people, and some of us have a more difficult time than others being able to choose our work environment. If you have trouble sleeping and get little sunlight during the day, this could still be worth looking into. Ask your boss if there are any accommodations to be made to get more light in the building. Hit the link to read more.

Impact of Windows and Daylight Exposure on Overall Health and Sleep Quality of Office Workers: A Case-Control Pilot Study [Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine via Apartment Therapy]


    I don't think many people wouldn't prefer to sit next to a window. Good luck to them though, the majority of seats at your work aren't near a window, and you'll be sat where you're told.

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