Sesame Street's Star Wars Parody Teaches Self-Control Techniques

Sesame Street has always been a medium for education — and not always just for kids. In this five-minute clip, the likes of Cookie Monster and uh, Luke Piewalker, show us a number of ways to control oneself in the face of temptation — in this case a co-pilot shaped like a delicious chocolate-chip biscuit.

Cookie Monster, in the role of "Flan Solo", goes in search of a way to keep himself from munching on his buddy, Chewie the Cookie. Some of the tricks he learns include using the "Four" (counting to four), singing a song as a distraction and imagining Chewie as something else (a suggestion from the black-hatted Darth Baker).

Sure, you might not be able to slap a wig on your particular vice and be done with it, but there's no harm in trying new ways to stop yourself from finishing off that tub of ice-cream.

Sesame Street: Star S'Mores (Star Wars Parody) [YouTube, via Neatorama]


    I have a 4 year old that watches Sesame Street and honestly their parodies are generally pretty clever.

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