Salted Teaches You How To Cook With Videos From Top Chefs

Salted Teaches You How to Cook with Videos from Top Chefs

Salted is a new membership program with online cooking bootcamps, courses and tutorials from acclaimed chefs. You can learn essential kitchen skills and recipes, as well as more advanced techniques.

Master specific cooking topics through courses including "Introduction to Mexican Cooking" or "Grilled Cheese Master Class", or just watch individual lessons on such topics as making sushi rice or how to cut a whole chicken. Each video has step-by-step text instructions, and you can save tutorials to watch later.

The site is free for one month, but after that it's $US10 a month. As a member, in addition to access to the courses, you can send cooking questions to the "Chef Hotline" and get an answer in under 30 minutes.

Some of the noted chefs include Neal Fraser, Roy Choi, Daniel Holzman and Charlie McKenna.

Even if $US10 a month is beyond your food education budget, you can still binge-watch these HD videos for a month for free.



    Yes, but! There's heaps of good, Australian cooking content for beginners on the net for free. For years, I've been scared of doing anything in the kitchen as I just had no understanding of the most basic of techniques. When I said to myself, "Bugger it, it can't be that hard." and got in at the ground level by learning a couple of basic, simple recipes, my confidence grew. Now, I almost compete with my wife for access to the kitchen! There are many good food apps such as the ABC's 'Foodi', and hold your hand type FREE cooking schools such as 'Delia Online' (not Aussie but with much the same weights, measures and temperatures).
    All it takes, as with most things, is the will to learn and the courage to experiment.

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