OneDrive File Size Limit Raised To 10GB

OneDrive File Size Limit Raised To 10GB

Want to keep larger files in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service? The size limit for a single file has just been bumped up from 2GB to 10GB.

Bigger files can be uploaded from the OneDrive desktop and mobile apps, or from the browser. The feature is already working for consumer OneDrive customers; Microsoft says OneDrive for Business users will be updated in the near future.

Storage on OneDrive was bumped up to 15GB for free users and 1TB for Office 365 customers back in June, so 10GB files won’t necessarily steal all your storage. (That said, uploading one could be painful if you’re not on a fast connection.)

OneDrive has also tweaked its interface, including right-click access from Explorer on Windows and the ability to drag and drop folders in Google Chrome. Hit the announcement post for details.

OneDrive now supports 10 GB files [OneDrive Blog]


  • They really need to bring back folder sharing they way they used to with live drive (ie the dropbox does it) i tried to share a folder recently and the recipients are restricted to the web interface.

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