Never Say 'I Was Bored' When Quitting A Job

When you resign from a job, it's tempting to let fly with all the things that sucked about your just-about-to-be-former employer. But resist the urge — and don't proclaim that you were bored or under-utilised.

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Business Insider rounded up a list of 19 things you shouldn't say when you quit. While most of them boil down to "don't vent", this point stood out for us: don't use the phrases "I didn’t have enough to do" or "I was always so bored".

As the site points out: "This statement shows a lack of initiative, and you’ll just be labelling yourself in their eyes as unmotivated." Plus you'll ruin your chances for a reference. Hit the link for more suggestions on what not to say.

19 Things You Should Never Say When You Quit A Job [Business Insider]


    Lol... yeah... lack of initiative

    Some jobs are boring, sometimes so boring you have to quit, least you could do is let them know as you leave, that would be the only fun part
    The job sucks and so does what they think or imagine in their eyes
    I refuse to lie

    And why do people hinge on references?!
    It's like asking someone's ex gfs if they were a good bf
    You're not going to get anything reliable to decide with, either they sugarcoat or exaggerate, and even if they're being honest, you won't be able to tell

    Do yourself a favor
    Burn every bridge that should be burnt
    There should be people preventing other people from signing up to shit jobs

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