Never Ever Work For A Company Seeking A 'Rockstar Developer'

Some career advice is so simple you can sum it up in a tweet.

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As Colin Scott from AbstractCode put it:

Hard to argue with that.


    Just one minor flaw in this argument. Isn't the "Rockstar" in this sense being used as an adjective and not a noun, as it is being used to describe the noun developer? Beyond that I totally agree with the sentiment of the Tweet.

    As in young and cheap enough to think that being called a rockstar programmer compensates for poor wages and conditions.

      Or that they need amazing things accomplished by a true prodigy, but can't afford a team of normal developers to do it.

    Articles are retweets now. Fucking sweet.

    Ah, yes. "Rockstar"; empty, shortlived, banal, repetitive, self-obsessed. Why would you want one?

    What if I actually AM a rockstar brogrammer?

      Nothing, cause you're not a rockstar Programmer :)

    Don't Tase Me Bro!

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