Microsoft Throwing In Bonus Services For Large Office 365 Deployments

Looking at rolling out Office 365 across your organisation? Microsoft is offering some freebies to persuade sites with more than 150 users to make the switch.

Between now and 31 March 2015, Microsoft is offering any site which buys more than 150 Office 365 licences a choice of one of two freebies. If you're running Exchange (2003 or later), Lotus Domino (7.0.3 or later), Gmail or another IMAP mail server, Microsoft will provide free remote migration services. Alternatively, if you're working with a Microsoft partner, funds will be provided to help drive adoption of the new software (between $US5 and $US15 a seat).

Hit the announcement post for full details of the terms and conditions.

Announcing Office 365 deployment benefits for new customers [Office 365 Blog]


    Pity it's not available to Australia. Office365 is only available through Telstra T-Suite in Australia, with a mark-up to boot. Insane.

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