Make Your Partner A Coffee To Trigger Sexual Arousal [Video]

A new study from home appliance manufacturer Sunbeam purports to have found a correlation between men performing culinary tasks and sexual arousal in women. According to Sunbeam's researchers, the simple act of making a coffee can be a bigger turn-on than "manlier" DIY jobs — and they even have some science to prove it.

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Rather than conduct a run-of-the-mill poll, Sunbeam chose to analyse 20 Australian women's physiological and emotional responses as their partners completed assorted household chores. This was achieved using a variety of biofeedback gear including EEG headsets and GSR skin conductance kits.

The study found that women experienced the biggest spike in happiness and arousal levels when their partners were in the kitchen, particularly while cooking. This consistently outperformed the usage of power drills or sawing wood.

It's science.

The female participants experienced the most happiness when their man made them a coffee. Receiving a mug of Joe was found to induce similar physiological reactions to an unexpected gift or a loving embrace.

Sunbeam sent its findings to relationship educator and sexologist Dr. Nikki Goldstein and it's here that things get a bit weird.

"Women can subconsciously associate kitchen creativity with creativity between the sheets," Dr. Goldstein claimed in a statement. "Men who are comfortable in a kitchen suggests a more dynamic partner where it counts: behind closed doors.

"The ability to hand craft more delicate items, compared to a more basic form of labour like sawing wood, suggests patience, imagination, generosity and a willingness to try new and unexpected things. All women like to be surprised.”

The more cynical among you will have correctly surmised that Sunbeam sells coffee making machines. However, we still think there's some truth to the "unexpected gift" comparison. In my personal experience, volunteering to make a coffee or tea has never failed to receive an affectionate response. As Dr. Goldstein notes:

Cooking or making something for us can be an infinitely more thoughtful gesture in today’s busy society than unblocking a drainpipe.

Whether that translates to more sex is highly questionable — but at least there's a higher chance that your partner will remain awake. If you're keen to try your luck, be sure to check out Lifehacker's complete guide to brewing the perfect coffee.

You can also watch a video of the experiment in action below:


    Gonna be a lot of coffee served tonight, me thinks..! :)

    When I plan to poop, I make myself a cup of coffee.

    I can't imagine my girlfriend thinking, "Mmm I'm turned on cause he's making himself a delicious cup of laxative"

    Doesn't work.

    Source: experience.

      Only works if the girl you're giving the coffee to is in a relationship with you -- it doesn't work if you break into their house in the middle of the night and give 'em a cup of coffee.


        Well now you tell us!

          I told you at least four times that night! While I did appreciate the coffee, I needed to sleep, as I had work the next day.

    As a male barista, I must create quite a stir amongst the loins of women in my city. I'm not surprised really, I always had my suspicions :P

    Last edited 09/09/14 3:43 pm

    One only needs to watch the final episode of IT Crowd to know this.

    I make my wife coffee every night...

    Seems to have no effect on what happens later. Perhaps I need to make coffee less often so that the novelty factor comes into play.

      My wife doesn't actually drink coffee. Or tea. If I made her a cup I'd probably get a weird stare and that's about it.

      Last edited 09/09/14 10:31 pm

    Want to come up for coffee.....

    Then turns on Coffee machine while your pants are around your ankles....

    Aroused yet?

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