Learn To Solder Copper Pipe

Soldering copper pipes is a more advanced DIY skill, but a great one to have if your house contains copper plumbing. Here's a complete walk-through on how to solder pipes.

Soldering might seem intimidating because of the torch and metal, but it's actually a pretty simple process, and fairly cheap to get started with.

This video gives an overview of the solder process, materials, tools, and a few good tips on working with copper pipes.

How to Solder Copper Pipe [YouTube]


    Of Course, as far as I am aware undertaking your own plumbing in Australia is illegal, somewhat limiting the practicality of learning this skill.

      You could always use these tips for making a still for distilling "aromatherapy oils"

        Haha, I was actually thinking that, which is why I carefully worded my response

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