Learn The Wild And Naughty History Of Sex Toys [NSFW]

Did you know that archaeologists found a polished, penis-shaped stone in a cave that’s thought to be around 28,000 years old? Or that “hysteria” was actually a made-up “illness”, regularly treated with the first patented vibrators? Boost your knowledge of sex toy history with this video from the folks at Anyhoo.

The video is a quick crash course of sex toy history, from the first butt plugs to the first strap-ons (which were actually used by men as penis extenders), and everything in between. We have to admit, the big takeaway here is that it’s all fun and interesting information to know — and given some of the shots of those old appliances of yesteryear, an indicator of how far things have come since then. Hit play on the video above to expand your horizons, or hit the link below to check it out at YouTube.

The Naughty History of Sex Toys [YouTube]

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