Learn The Best Methods For Keeping Your Drinks Cooler For Longer

Learn The Best Methods For Keeping Your Drinks Cooler For Longer

There are many ways to chill your drink, and some will be better than others. The Art of Manliness took the time to test out several and found that ice cubes and ice balls worked the best.

The site tested several methods for cooling whisky including soapstones, stainless steel whisky balls, crushed ice, cubed ice and large ice balls. Crushed ice (as well as smaller ice cubes) resulted in drinks getting diluted much faster without much improvement over ice cubes in terms of chilling.

The soapstones and stainless steel balls didn’t cool drinks quite as much as ice (unsurprisingly). More importantly, Art of Manliness noticed that they failed to dilute the whisky they used to test them. This is pretty key if you’re using it to for your drinks. Straight whisky is often diluted when it’s consumed, so a cooling agent like soapstones are a poor choice. However, they may work better for other, pre-diluted drinks. Just be sure to drink them sooner rather than later.

Ice cubes and ice balls were found to be the best for whisky, partially because they dilute at a decent rate and partially because they make the drinks much cooler. Surprisingly, the ice ball didn’t last quite as long in the Art of Manliness’ tests as the ice cubes did, but it did chill it a bit more. You can check out the full post below to read the rest of the analysis at the source link below.

Crushed? Cubed? The Best Way to Chill Your Drinks [Art of Manliness]


    • I tend to keep my liquors in the freezer, the alcohol prevents them from freezing but they do stay ice cold.

      Though the article’s negative against whiskey stones and the like not diluting confuses me, isn’t the entire point of using them so that you don’t dilute the whiskey?

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