Launcher Puts Your Favourite Apps And Contacts In Notification Center

Launcher Puts Your Favourite Apps and Contacts In Notification Center

iOS: iOS 8's new widgets and extensions are a great way to spruce up your Notification Center. Launcher takes advantage of the new feature in iOS 8 and gives you a speed dial to your apps and contacts right in the Notification Center.

With Launcher, you can set up app shortcuts, contact shortcuts, and even specific app commands such as "Go Home" in Apple Maps that appear in Notification Center. Once you get everything in order, just pull down Notification Center and all your shortcuts are right there. It's handy if you use a handful of apps more than others or if you just want a quick way to message someone.

Update: This appears to have been pulled from the Australian iTunes store (it was visible there when we wrote this post).

Launcher (free) [iTunes App Store]


    Not available in Australia!

      Not available anywhere, it got removed by Apple.
      Press release from Dev here -

        Typical apple, they finally release what the iPhone/iOS 4 should have been, and they remove useful apps that fill the void because some wanker there doesn't like it.

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