Know The Warning Signs Of A Job Scam

Know the Warning Signs of a Job Scam

If you've been looking for a job, you've seen ads that offer great pay for entry level positions. Lots of scams exist out there, and one way to detect a scammer is by paying attention to who does the talking at a job interview.

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Undercover Recruiter suggests some signs of a potential scam:

  • Does the company have a proper website, with descriptions of what they do?
  • Does the job advert actually tell you what you are doing, what your responsibilities will be, and what the salary will be?
  • Look at the job advert: is it a very long sales description that seems too good to be true ("You can earn £££ every week!!")?
  • When they interview you, who spends most of the time talking: you, or them?
  • Will they give you a formal contract?
  • Are you being asked to pay any money up front? (This didn't happen to me, but often does. This should NEVER happen.)

In my experience, the interviewers who do most of the talking during interviews are usually trying to sell you on the opportunity rather than offering you a job. Check out the link for more.

Graduates: How to Spot a Job Scam [Undercover Recruiter]


    Ugh I hate that stock photo that you guys use for these articles. The guy in it looks like the epitome of a smug, lazy, middle manager. Not enough intelligence to be powerful, not enough power to do anything important but sure as fuck they have more than enough arrogance to judge everyone else.

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