KeepTrack Creates Custom Entries To Log Anything

Android: KeepTrack is a simple app to create a log that you can fill quickly. It also shows you a calendar of your accomplishments, as well as statistics.

KeepTrack is one of those apps that does only a few things, but does them well. All you have to do is add a new tracker and choose the value you want for it:

  • Number (ideal for weight, distance and the like)
  • Text (ideal for names, lists and so on)
  • Yes/No (A simple question-answer like "Did you go to the gym today?" This could be used effectively for the Don't Break The Chain productivity method.)
  • Marker (Just marks the current date and time with a tap)
  • Duration (such as lap times)
  • Predefined values (you can set your own values and choose between them)
  • Multiple values (Any two or more of the above, but available only in the pro version)

Once you set up the trackers you want, it's just a matter of firing up the app and keying in the input. You could use it for anything from tracking things you lent to a journal of your wins. When you want to review it, it's available as a calendar view, as a list of statistics, or a bar graph.

KeepTrack Pro also lets you add reminders to fill those trackers, as well as other features like the aforementioned multiple values.

KeepTrack (Free) [Google Play Store]


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