How Do You Deal With Having A Different Sleep Schedule To Your Partner?

How Do You Deal With Having A Different Sleep Schedule To Your Partner?

Everyone has different sleep schedules. Some of us are early-to-bed types, others prefer to stay up late. Sometimes, you’ll meet someone with a completely different schedule than you. So, we want to know, how do you deal with that kind of inconsistency with a partner?

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A recent Wall Street Journal article suggests either making concessions to be a bit more quiet at night or in the morning, or simply sleeping in different beds. But we want to know: how do you deal with different sleep patterns?


  • I’m a massive night owl, though my wife and my son are up early with the chickens.
    Usually late at night, I’m very quite, I tend to use my headphones etc
    However in the mornings the 2 of them are loud, right in bed, right next to me giggling in my ear as I try to sleep that 1 extra hour….since I went to sleep at 4am and I’m being woken up at 7am….

    Any tips? I would love to hear them!

    • I have a few ideas. They all involve a trip down to the hardware store to buy a few supplies though. Let me know if you’re interested and want to know more.

  • My wife drifts between being awake during nights and days. She’s a freelance artist who used to work night shift in a factory in the US, so it kinda carried over when she moved here 6 years ago.

    Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. When I get home, I wake her up, we have dinner, watch TV, all that jazz, then I go to bed. On the weekends I stay up late anyway so I spend more time with her. Weekends give me time to go out for a drive, go shopping and such (I’m an introvert so alone time is good for me)

    When we need to go somewhere together, she stays up a bit later and sleeps longer until our sleep patterns match up. She then stays up during the day for a while, then gradually slides back into being awake at night,

    We don’t have kids, we have one cat (who we shut in the further part of the house at night). All in all, it works well for us and sleeping alone doesn’t bother me (more room to spread out and the whole electric blanket to myself).

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