Google Revives My Maps So You Can Create And Share Custom Maps

Google Revives My Maps So You Can Create And Share Custom Maps

Today, Google unleashed a new, overhauled version of its well-loved (and little-known) custom maps tool, called My Maps. It’s pretty powerful and cool.

With it, you can create a trip itinerary, note hotspots in any location, and otherwise personalise Google Maps.

The updated My Maps (formerly known as Maps Engine Lite) lets you customise the map to a greater extent — choose different colours for the markers, create layers to organise places, add labels on the map, and import locations from a spreadsheet.

There’s also an Android app now so you can change your maps on the go and also view them (something the old version didn’t allow).

And you can share your personal maps too so others can benefit from your plans, as well as check out some interesting custom maps in the Google Maps Gallery (crime rates by county, Sherlock Holmes’ famous sites, and Lewis and Clark maps).

Head to the link below to try it out.

My Maps via Google Maps blog


  • That’s a relief. I’ve been running this thing for a while (, after years without an update and the lack of integration with the ‘new’ google maps I assumed they were going to kill it off.

    Best new feature: being able to upload data from excel files rather than just KHTML.

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