Google Decides ‘Work’ Sounds Less Scary Than ‘Enterprise’

Google Decides ‘Work’ Sounds Less Scary Than ‘Enterprise’

Google likes rebranding stuff to make it sound less complex, so it’s not surprising that it has decided to retire its Google Enterprise name and replace it with Google for Work.

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Google announced the change in a blog post: “The time has come for our name to catch up with our ambition. As of today, what was called Google Enterprise is now, simply, Google for Work.”

Visiting now produces a page branded “Google for Work” — though visiting still redirects you to the “/enterprise” address. Fixing URLs can be a messy business, though Google has relocated its former Google Enterprise blog.

Google has form in this area, having previously changed the somewhat awkward “Google Apps For Your Domain” to “Google Apps For Business”.

Introducing Google for Work (the artist formerly known as Enterprise) [Official Google Blog]