Email More Than Five Photos At Once With Documents For iOS

Email More Than 5 Photos at Once with Documents for iOS

iOS: Apple's Mail app doesn't allow you to send more than five photos at once on the iPhone. File management app Documents now relieves users of that struggle.

Readdle's Documents is a popular app, but it can do a few clever things you might not have realised. Give Documents access to your Camera Roll, select as many photos as you want, and send them to the Mail app. It will take a few minutes depending on how many photos you have, but it's well worth the wait. You can avoid any extra steps you would have to take otherwise, and all it takes is a free app.

Check out more clever uses for the Documents app at the link below.

The 10 Things You Can Do With the Documents App for iOS [Digital Inspiration]


    I personally wouldn't do this. If Uncle Apple doesn't want me to send more than 5 there must be a good reason for it. He knows best after all.

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