Do You Still Jailbreak Your iPhone?

Do You Still Jailbreak Your iPhone?

Jailbreaking iPhones has been a popular route for people trying to get more out of their iOS devices for a long while. However, Apple keeps adding features previous only available to jailbreakers to iOS when new versions emerge. So we want to know: do you still care about jailbreaking?

With the release of iOS 8 (due out later today), Apple has added a few tweaks that used to be jailbreak only. You can finally quick reply to text messages ala BiteSMS, and extensions should make Safari a lot more useful. So, let’s hear it: do you care about jailbreaking anymore? Will you stick with your current jailbreak or upgrade to iOS 8?


    • this, I only ever feel the need to jailbreak (root) my android device when it starts to get old, I just bump up the system specs to match current standards, replace the battery and I’m good to go for a few more years.

      Not as disposable as the iphone model.

  • Still jailbreak, but only for a few tweaks (custom CC, BOM weather, live weather tile). I’m still undecided on whether to update or not, I might wait and see what the reviews say before going to the effort.

    Now, if there was an iOS8 jailbreak I’d definitely be doing it.

  • Still a few reasons for me to jailbreak, namely:

    Activator: Triple tap home to turn on flashlight from lockscreen is something that’s become an integral feature for me.
    NoSlowAnimations: Because FAST.
    Nitrous: See above.
    Phantom: Snapchat without any of the silly restrictions
    Bluepill: Fix FB
    And don’t forget all the aesthetic stuff (although iOS is nowhere near as ugly as it used to be).

  • Yes, definitely. I got so used to Infinidock, F.Lux, Activator, Springtomize, and the statusbar tweaks that I still find it necessary.

    Jailbreaking for me is more about personalising the device; I want to have the freedom to be able to tweak things that aren’t usually tweakable (i.e. icon size, control center icons, etc.). I appreciate all the effort that went into the design, but the interface is designed for the average user… the problem is no one is average, especially not me.

      • Nah. I think for a lot of people it’s also about the fact that you’re going against the grain; doing something that someone doesn’t want you to be doing; sticking it to the man!

        But in all honestly, I like the interface, features, and overall quality of iDevices. I’ve truly yet to come by an Android device that feels as solid or as well-designed as an iPhone. Apple might hype up their products, but to a large extent they deliver quality products.

  • Jailbreaking gives me the freedom to used the most user friendly phone OS on the planet and customise it the way I want it to be. Sure Android can do that without the whole JB. But give me a phone out of the box that can be used as simply as a iPhone. I have played around with custom ROMs on Android and had some really neat features. but in terms of easy of use it was still second to iOS.

    BioLockdown is great to keep banking apps secure.

    Android is vastly superior to iOS in features but second to iOS when it comes to ease of use and in a world where some people struggle to turn their monitors on ease of use is ‘like omg’ totes easy to use right?!’

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