Develop Your LinkedIn Base With These Daily, Weekly And Monthly Posts

Develop Your LinkedIn Base With These Daily, Weekly And Monthly Posts

LinkedIn can help you land a job, but you may not have the time for regular updates. Career development specialist Lily Zhang’s three-pronged interaction strategy makes sure you are seen as active on the professional network without too much effort.

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Her simple strategy divides your interactions into things you have to do daily, weekly and monthly:

  • Do One Thing Daily: Write a quick “congratulations” on new positions, but only after changing this important setting. Click “Like” on interesting articles. Simple interactions that should only take a couple of minutes.
  • Do Two Things Weekly: Post something on your network weekly, like your takeaway from a conference or meeting, or an interesting article with your comment. Also, set aside one slot in a week to send personalised invitations to connect with people you have interacted with outside of LinkedIn.
  • Do Three Things Monthly: Update your profile every month, keeping in mind what recruiters look for on LinkedIn. Contribute to one or two major LinkedIn groups relevant to your field. Finally, reconnect with old contacts, perhaps from past jobs, university or colleagues in other cities whom you don’t catch up with often.

Zhang’s idea is to make it easy for you to look active on LinkedIn even with a busy schedule. Check out the full post below for further details and advice on each of the interactions.

What You Should Be Doing On LinkedIn Every Month, Week and Day [The Daily Muse]


      • Working for a large Engineeing company. I get laughed at when I mention Linkedin. Maybe it’s for the HR staff to pretend to work.

        • well that sucks for you then. ill continue to get sales leads and connect with contacts the way i have been for over a year and I’m making more than ever before. If people are to scared / stupid to try to adopt new ways of working then that’s their problem.

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