Dealhacker: The Cheapest Place To Buy Destiny On Launch Day

Dealhacker: The Cheapest Place To Buy Destiny On Launch Day

After months of relentless hype and beta teasing, the highly-anticipated video game Destiny is finally launching tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you’re one of the thousands of Aussies who are planning to buy the game on day one, here are the best prices from brick-and-mortar retailers around the country. Depending on where you shop, you could save more than $30.

Kotaku conducted a ring-around earlier today in a bid to find the best prices locally. (Note: while you can probably find a better online deal from international retailers, you’ll then have to wait up to a fortnight for the game to arrive.)

For “next gen” platforms, the best price Kotaku could find was Target which is selling the game for $67, followed by JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith at $69.95 and $69.98, respectively. Big W is asking $74, but indicated its price might drop on launch day.

Meanwhile, the worst price was from EB Games, which is asking $99.95. If you don’t have a Target in your immediate area, you can probably get another store to price-match; even if you don’t have any on hand evidence. (Just be prepared to wait around while they call up the rival store.)

There’s also an outside chance that some retailers might “tweak” pricing in one direction or the other before tomorrow’s launch. Some of the store representatives Kotaku spoke to sounded evasive, confused or a combination of both. So don’t take their word as gospel.

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  • Does anyone buy from EB anymore? Over $30 more expensive than Target? Fair enough they might not have the buying power of a Target or JB but that’s not even a competition…

    • I think they rely on people who aren’t aware of pricing to buy copies (possibly parents of kids) and/or price match to other stores to a reasonable price. I tend to avoid them because I would rather my stores are up front and fair about their pricing.

      • I suppose they have a reward system in place too but it’s hardly worth the ~50% price increase.
        Maybe it is the people who aren’t aware of pricing that’s propping them up. Pretty flimsy premise for a business model though!
        And I agree. Don’t gouge people and then say, “But we’d have sold it cheaper if you’d asked!”

    • The thing is, Target will most likely have 1 or 2 in stock at the time, so you will have to be quick to get it at that price. As their next shipment will most likely be back at normal price.

      • No – my local Target had DOZENS of copies at the $67 price on Saturday – supply had outstripped demand…. And no sign of it going “back” (?) up.

    • I think people (who know…) buy from EB in two ways:
      1. They buy new copies after the initial rush and after they are no longer generally available (at any price)
      2. Their pre-owned market. Most EB’s nowadays seem to have 60 or 70% of their floorspace devoted to second hand games.

      I looked at Destiny their – but couldn’t go past the Target price, even if it meant a 20 minute drive

    • Yeah EB does price match stores which are in a certain radius of the store. But I prefer to go to the store that actually advertises the lower price.

  • My friend in NZ bought the Guardian Edition on the Xbox Store for like $120NZD; I just checked the price on the Aus store and its $130.20. How in any logical way does that make sense…?

    • I’m pretty sure Guardian Edition includes expansion pass for the first two expansion packs plus PlayStation Store is also too expensive often (you can buy the pass for $40 from EB)

      • Yeah I know. But usually NZ will be more expensive because of exchange rates. This time Oz was, which was strange.

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