Cover Trampoline Springs With Pool Noodles

Trampolines can be dangerous — especially those ugly, evil springs along the outside. You can help alleviate the danger by covering those springs with a few cuts made in basic pool noodles.

You’re jumping on a trampoline, you get a little too close to the edge, and your foot goes through one of the holes around the outside. Ouch. Normally, there’s a pad that goes around the outer edges of the trampoline, but how long do those really last?

Grant Thompson — “The King of Random” — demonstrates a way to make your trampoline a little safer — and better to look at — with some standard pool noodles. Simply cut the noodles in pieces slightly longer than the springs, slide the springs into the noodles, and reattach the springs. Keep in mind, pool noodles have all kinds of hidden power, but nothing can make trampolines 100% safe, so be careful!

QC#48 – Super Tramp [YouTube]


  • Pssh. Trampolines are meant to be set up briefly, enjoyed by children, until horrible, horrible, horrible reality kicks in and the LEARNING begins. The world is cruel and the things you enjoy contain hidden dangers! BE WARY, CHILDREN. BE WARY.

    If the sight of a trampoline doesn’t send someone cowering away, shivering and mumbling, “No… no… trampoline. Trampoline bring pain…” then their parents failed to use it as the effective teaching tool it is.

  • That’s a great idea. I looked into replacing the padded vinyl protectors that came with the trampoline, and it was gonna cost close to the same as a new trampoline, with the guards included.

    This is cheaper, and looks colourful and fun too!

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