Cloud Patches: Extended Azure Backups, AWS T2 Bursts Onto Elasticache

Last week in cloud computing: Azure Backup extends its retention period, while AWS extends T2 instances to ElastiCache.

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  • Azure Backup has extended the period for which you can retain long-term backups from any cloud server installations. The maximum number of days is now 3360 — a shade over nine years.
  • Azure SQL Database now offers close-to-real-time performance metrics. Read more here.
  • Azure has launched Media Services Content Protection, which lets content stored on Azure have DRM added in the form of Microsoft's PlayReady technology. Good for movie studios, arguably a waste of time for everyone else. Read more here.
  • Azure Websites has been enhanced with added VPN support and an Azure-centric scalable WordPress instance. The VPN option enables more complex hybrid scenarios by ensuring secure connections between on-premises data and Azure processing.
  • Having launched its "burstable" T2 instance for EC2 in July and then extended it to RDS in August, Amazon Web Services has now added support for T2 to ElastiCache.

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