Cloud Patches: Azure Migration Accelerator, AWS Cache Warming

Last week in cloud computing: Azure previews its Migration Accelerator, while AWS adds cache warming features to MySQL.

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  • A limited preview has opened for Microsoft's new Migration Accelerator, which uses technology from Microsoft acquisition InMage to automate the process of migrating workloads to the cloud. Microsoft has been offering trial access to InMage services since July; no word yet on when the general release will happen.
  • Microsoft has announced long-term plans to separate Notification Hubs from other kinds of Service Bus notifications, and as a first step will be requiring all namespace selections to explicitly define their purpose. Read more here
  • AWS has tweaked its Amazon RDS for MySQL service, adding support for MySQL Cache Warming. Cache warming saves the state of the buffer pool when an instance shuts down, meaning it can be reloaded instantly when the instance is restarted and allowing common queries to be answered more quickly.
  • AWS EC2 instances now support searching by tag or attribute filtering. Read more here.

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