Chrome For iOS Adds Supports For App Extensions

Chrome For iOS Adds Supports For App Extensions

iOS: Chrome for iOS has been updated with full iOS 8 support, including the ability to use Apple-approved third-party extensions in the browser. This means you can integrate apps such as Pocket, Lastpass and Evernote right into Google Chrome.

To share a website from Chrome to another app, just tap the hamburger menu, then select “Share…” Here you can send pages over to any app that supports extensions. Likewise, you can use other extensions such as Lastpass or 1Password in the same menu. Some apps are working fine, but others aren’t (Lastpass seems to work some of the time, but not always), so we might need to wait for apps to get updated to actually integrate properly with Chrome. This actually sort of worked prior to this update, but it’s a much more reliable experience now.

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  • I have been out of IOS for quite a few years, can you select Chrome as default browser yet without a jailbreak? The addon support in Chrome on Android is about as reliable as this implementation sounds, Lastpass will work today, but tomorrow it wont and then it will next week, unsure why!

    • No, you can’t select Chrome by default.

      The addons support is klunky. There is no sign of add blocking on the horizon – so expect inflated 3g/4g data usage as Apple provide no way to stop these ads being served when surfing the net.
      Also, the lastpass plugin is intermittent, as you and Thorin suggested.

      Web surfing on IOS is still painful and I haven’t yet mentioned browser crashes due to memory limitations. If you don’t believe me, then why do some browsers even offer to provide low memory warnings? Why does IOS behave inconsistently (eg. scrolling doesn’t work properly) after i’ve received a memory warning?

      Overall, I prefer IOS to Android, but internet/browsers isn’t one of those areas.

    • Dude this shit is just a rip off of the sharing menu android had Day One. We’ve been able to share shit between apps since 1.0 lol

      • I actually tested this out last night with Lastpass on my iPad and I gotta say it is better than Android. They’ve put the function into the Share menu, but on iOS this actually allows Lastpass to bring up a popup that then autocompletes the password on the website in the browser. On Chrome/Android, the option is “Open in Lastpass” which brings up the page in the Lastpass app browser.

        So this isn’t just the ability to share stuff between apps. It’s just using the Share menu to access functionality provided by other apps within that app. Gotta say, I’m a fan. This is definitely an improvement over Android.

  • How is a PC existent concept a rip off of some shit feature android “has had since day 1?”

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