Build Your Own Automatic Tea Machine

Making tea is pretty easy: put the bag in, let it steep, take it out. But it's easy to forget to remove the teabag, which means you end up with a little too much flavour. Instructables user suvinks solved this problem by creating a little tea brewing machine.

The build here uses an ATTiny, a small servo, and a buzzer. Once you get everything set up, you just place your cup under the machine, and it steeps it for a few minutes. Sure, it's over-engineering a solution to a pretty simple problem, but it's cool nonetheless, especially if you drink a lot of tea.

ATTiny Tea Maker [Instructables]


    It jiggles for a few minutes, but the arm needs lengthening so it stops steeping. It would then stop dripping.

    Or just do it the normal way and use an egg timer with an audible buzzer...

    I find
    1 teabag plus 1 litre of water = great tea
    pop what you don't use in the fridge = refreshing chilled tea

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