Briefly: BlackBerry Passport Hands-On, Titan Cancelled, iOS 8.0.2 'Soon'

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including what the new square BlackBerry Passport is like to use and the cancellation of Titan.

  • Lifehacker's own Chris Jager has been in London this week for the launch of the BlackBerry Passport, the smartphone with the square face and the strange keyboard. Check out his hands-on at Gizmodo and in the clip above.
  • Having rendered many new iPhones inoperable with a badly-tested update, Apple has promised that a working version of iOS 8.0.2 will be out in the next few days. We'll be holding back for a few days to see how badly it sucks, honestly.
  • Elsewhere in phones, Samsung has a nifty new cable that lets you draw power from a Note 4 or similar phablet device with a large battery and help charge something else. It doesn't have an official Australian release, but Campbell at Gizmodo rounded up where you can find it.
  • Despite seven years of not-so-secret development, Blizzard has cancelled Titan, its much-discussed MMO. Naturally, this led to lots of Internet reactions, as Kotaku documents.
  • In other gaming news, Australia is one of just two countries in the world that will see the new Nintendo 3DS in 2014. Yep, it's just us and Japan. Suck on that, rest of world!


    Love how the new Iphone got over 20 articles, but the new Blackberry gets a Briefly article...

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